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Susan Eastridge has been our CEO and Leader since 2003


President and CEO

A Message from our CEO

One of the many humbling lessons we have learned from 2020 is that there is a need for more innovative thinking and for better tools to solve the challenges we face – in public health, in creating and maintaining an equitable economy, and in meeting, head-on, the escalating threat of climate change.

Creating sustainable and reliable systems in these areas is not just good stewardship, it’s good business as well.

For far too long, development, and planning have focused narrowly on real estate and infrastructure, rather than on the more comprehensive goals we should be setting as communities. These include sustainability and resiliency, the health and well-being in our built environment, and inclusiveness in our economy.

Today, we are working on next-generation developments that engage the most innovative architects, engineers, and planners. Our work is challenging, but achievable if we work together. Our work is aspirational, but not experimental. We will bring together existing best practices in sustainability science with the climate commitments already embraced by businesses around the world.

In 2021 and beyond, we are broadening the conversation about what’s possible in commercial real estate development,  while continuing to strive for more resilient communities in the future.

Susan Eastidge

President & CEO